Video Shooting

We are working on a new studio video for our song “Speed Around I” recently released on the album “Freak Licensed Unit IDentity”. Have a look at work in progress at the video recording studio. Currently additional shootings on location are made. We are exited about the progress and looking forward to see the first cuts. Have a look at the gallery here and stay tuned!

"Speed Around I" Video Shooting

Have a look at the gallery of around fifty pictures by clicking the picture above.

New Album Out Now

We released our brand new studio album “Freak Licensed Unit IDentity“. After two long years of working into depth and detail it has finally become a true picture of Strange Fluid as a collective, showing all of it’s facets yet still creating a unit.

We are going to present the ten tracks of this album live at our upcoming show at Supamolly, and of course you may also buy the album there. Be sure not to miss it!