Strange Fluid are, from left to right:

  • Joh Weisgerber, Bass
  • T.C. Mabemba, Vocals
  • Kai Mader, Sax and Synths
  • Jürgen Munder, Dub Effects
  • Thomas Leisner, Drums
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Strange Fluid

For some time, rumours that Strange Fluid are back have been echoing loudly in the music scene of Berlin. Strange Fluid represent a decade of home-cooked, hand knitted Drum’n’Bass for the dark clubs of the capital. Through their changing MC’s and with their fast beats, the Fluids have attracted many dance-mad friends.

Now four Fluids have become Five! Since T.C. Mabemba joined the Fluid kitchen and with his spicy vocals, their Music now offers even more vehemence and has become hotter than ever.

His multifaceted punching voice can be heard on their new album “Freak Licensed Unit IDentity”, which delivers a powerful and unique sound between Drum’n’Bass and Hardcore. When playing live, this mix of sound sets the stage alight as the Fluids perform with energy and intensity, whilst smashing all boundaries!